Counseling and Personal Coaching for sex addiction and compulsive pornography use. is a personal coaching and counseling service for sex and relationship addicts, pornography and masturbation addicts and others with sexually compulsive behaviors. We are located on the West side of Los Angeles, and through encrypted technology, we serve clients worldwide

We create customized sexual recovery programs for men and women, addicts and partners both. Whether you are struggling and cannot stop acting out, or you have achieved some sexual sobriety and simply need help and support with the daily issues of living in recovery, we provide the solutions and support you need.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, our work is task based, using techniques and methods proven successful at the premier sex addiction treatment centers in the world. Our approach combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with mindfulness exercises, impulse control techniques, shame reduction and work on boundaries. We are 12-Step supportive, and incorporate many of these  principles in our programs.

We can help you at any phase in your struggle with this difficult and insidious disorder.

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