Assessment and Treatment Options

Consultation, assessment and treatment for sexual addiction both locally in Los Angeles and via telephone and Skype. Also offers weekend and 5-Day Intensives in Rogue River, OR.

Intensive “Boot Camp” for sex addiction in Palm Springs, CA. Also a good resource for initial assessment and referral to local therapists.

Comprehensive Residential Treatment Center in Wickenberg, AZ.

Residential treatment center for trauma and addiction in Nunnelly, TN.

Offers two-week intensive out-patient programs for sex addicts and partners in Los Angeles, CA.

Society For the Advancement of Sexual Health provides information of sexual compulsivity and includes a directory of therapists and treatment centers specializing in sexual issues.

12-Step Groups

Sex Addicts Anonymous –

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous –

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous –

Sexual Recovery Anonymous –

Blocking and accountability software:




Helpful websites

Reading Suggestions

Out of the Shadows                                               Patrick Carnes

Don't Call It Love                                                    Patrick Carnes

Sex Addiction 101                                                   Robert Weiss

Always Turned On                                                  Robert Weiss, Jennifer Schneider

Your Brain On Porn                                                Gary Wilson, Anthony Jack

Ready To Heal                                                         Kelly McDaniel

Healing The Child Within                                       Charles Whitfield

The Gifts of Imperfection                                      Brene Brown

The Porn Trap                                                        Wendy Malz, Larry Malz

Moving Beyond Betrayal   (For partners)              Vicki Tidwell Palmer

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse  (For partners)     Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means   

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