Who can benefit?

Sexual Recovery Coaching can be a valuable component of your recovery plan at any point in your journey. Our personalized approach allows us to focus on your individual situation and your specific needs right now.

Typical situations where the power of 

Sexual Recovery Coaching 

can make all the difference:

  • If you have recently completed residential treatment and you are making the transition back into “normal” life. Recovery Coaching can be a valuable piece of your aftercare plan, helping guide your daily decision-making, linking you with resources, providing solutions for triggering events, helping defuse volatile situations, and generally supporting you as you piece together the elements of your new life.

  •  If your your double life has just been discovered. if your secrets have just been revealed and you need to find a way to change your behavior right now. A Recovery Coach can get you started immediately with the first positive steps you need to take to “stop the bleeding”, demonstrate your willingness to change and begin on the path to recovery.

  •  If you are questioning; Am I an addict? What is going on with me? Sexual addicts act out in many different ways: pornography, affairs, massage, strip clubs, hook-ups etc. They also can employ more subtle methods like sexting and office intrigues. Some cross the line into illegal acts like up-skirt photos, exhibitionism and the like. We can assess your situation, in confidence, determine if there is a likelihood of a sexual addiction, and provide you with some recommended options for your next steps.

  •  If you have some recovery but feel stuck, or caught in a relapse cycle. Ongoing recovery presents a lot of challenges, and frequently we progress slower than we would like. At Sexual RecoveryCoach we can help and support you at all the stages of your ongoing recovery.

Because of our emphasis on Distance Coaching using encrypted Skype

 smart-phone apps and other technology, the Sexual Recovery Coach is 

particularly well suited to those who are geographically isolated, and for 

high-profile individuals with a heightened need for privacy..

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